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Top 5 Date Night Spots in South Florida
Aug 10, 2021 discover Melanie Arougueti
10 Aug

Top 5 Date Night Spots in South Florida

It’s date night! Weeks have gone by, the schedule gets overwhelming, and finally tonight, it’s time to spend some one on one with your significant other. But where?

The Fun Couple

A night out at Strike 10 Bowling in the Village of Guflstream can definitely lead to some healthy competition. Parking is easy and free. At Strike 10, you can find bowling, arcades, and foosball tables lined up. They put background music and lights. It’s overall a fun activity that can leave both of you laughing and coming back. 

And if all the bowling makes you hungry, of course, there’s a Haagan Daaz right next door with creamy ice cream ready to share and end the night. (Note: It closes at 10!)

The Active Couple

The active couple is tired of dinners out and wants something different, right? There are two TopGolf locations in the Miami area- one is in Doral and the other by Miami Gardens. Both accessible and ready for you to come in. At TopGolf, you will have your own booth and be able to shoot golf balls on a platform. There you can aim into different colored flags and get points.  (Top tip: the second or third floor is much better than the first and makes the game easier to play, thank me later!) Definitely a different kind of date night.

The Foodie Couple

In Aventura, Florida, Soho is known for it’s menu. Chinese food, Japanese food, American food, and more. They have an extensive drink menu as well to accompany whatever options you choose from. They have a variety that allows you to explore a wide range of cousine. It is a great place to pick a few different dishes and share. Recently, they added a tent outside that gives terrace vibes and there are fans to escape the Florida heat. 

The Traveling Couple

For those here as tourists, or pretending to be, an authentic hispanic experience is a must do in Miami. Bayside Marketplace often has live Spanish music surrounded by boutiques that are fun to browse in. It’s also on the water, where you can find boats offering speed tours or sit by and enjoy the sunset. If you get hungry, there is a Haagan Daaz there, too. 

Bayside Marketplace at night.

The Romantic Couple

Fine Dining is a romantic option for a night out. A high quality restaurant like The Harbour Grill in Surfside is a great choice. It is also known as one of Miami’s best kosher steakhouses, but of course you’ll have to see for yourself. They have aged steak, duck, and my personal favorite, braised short rib. 

Another romantic and fine restaurant is Meat Bar. Reservation is a must, but if you do end up making one an appetizer worth sharing is the meat carpaccio. 

Both restaurants are walking distance to Bal Harbour Shops, where one can start the evening taking a walk. There you can spot some iconic brands like Gucci, Chopard, and so much more. The shops have many picturesque backgrounds and the best part is watching the Koi fish and turtles in the many ponds inside the Bal Harbour Shops. 

Once you finish date night, be sure to plan the next one and hit up another South Florida spot!

Written by Melanie Arougueti

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