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Thank you for visiting Discover Jewish Florida. We are here to help frum Jews that are vacationing in Florida, and Jews living in Florida. We want to help you find kosher food, things to do, and everything else a Jew would need while in Florida. We have designed the website to be as user-friendly as can be. We rely on feedback on the individual locations from users like you in order to be a helpful resource. Please reach out to us from the Contact page with any descriptions that would help other Yidden.
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Adapted from Camp Lisa Travels: Camp Lisa is a travel consulting firm, not a travel agency. She wants you to have the best time on your trips. She will help you take your travels to the next level by helping you step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. She will help …

Top 10 Chol Hamoed Activities In South Florida

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7 Tips for the Frum Harry Potter Fan Visiting Universal

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As a Harry Potter fan, I’ve been to the Universal parks many times, and as a frum Jew, experiencing it comes with some challenges. However, with some advance planning, anyone can have a magical day at the park. There is a lot to do at both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios without even going …